Friday Dec 07, 201210:19 AM GMT
New York protesters demand higher wages, unionization
Protest rallies in America’s largest city of New York continue by low-wage workers who are demanding higher wages and calling for the need to organize a labor union, Press TV reports.

Hundreds of demonstrators waged a protest at Time Square in the heart of New York City on Thursday to show their struggle in making ends meet and complain about persisting harsh working conditions as well as a lack of basic benefits such as health coverage and sick-leave.

Most of the protesters were low-wage workers, commonly employed by major fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King, who demanded better pay and urged a move towards unionization.

“I’m calling for a living wage,” said one of the protesters. “A living wage for me is 14 to 15 dollars-an-hour. Unfortunately, the 7.25 to 8 dollar-per-hour that people are receiving is not enough.”

The protest rally followed a similar demonstration last week, when other low-wage workers, manning New York’s carwashes, supermarkets and airports, joined forces to demand better pays.

The demonstrators also expressed their anger that while they receive minimum wages, corporate executives that employ them are making record incomes in addition to getting bonuses.

Although the demonstrators also insisted on the need for unionization and collective bargaining, the task may prove to be a difficult one since most of the fast-food chains are owned by individual franchisees, who have to stick to strict business guidelines dictated to them by corporate executives.

Meanwhile, many low-wage workers in the US rely on public assistance to get by in the country’s fragile economy amid reports that the government plans to slash the budgets for various public assistance program as the so-called Fiscal Cliff of tax hikes and program cuts draws near.

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