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Wed Dec 5, 2012 2:7PM
An ScanEagle drone (file photo)

An ScanEagle drone (file photo)

Iran’s Majlis (parliament) has hailed the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) for capturing a US spy drone over the Persian Gulf waters. In a statement issued on Wednesday, Iranian lawmakers said capturing aggressor drones belonging to arrogant powers is but a small example of the capabilities of Iranian military forces. The statement, signed by 205 Iranian lawmakers, praised Iranian military and naval forces for their vigilance, competence and authority. IRGC Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi announced on Tuesday that a US spy drone had been captured by Iranian forces over the Persian Gulf upon its intrusion into the Iranian airspace. Iran has released footage of the captured drone, which is a long-endurance aircraft manufactured by Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing. Last year, the Iranian military also grounded a US RQ-170 spy drone while it was flying over the Iranian city of Kashmar, some 140 miles (225 km) from the Afghan border. Last month, Iran repelled a US drone that had entered the country’s airspace above the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic in the Persian Gulf. Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said Tuesday that Tehran would take legal action against the US in international courts for violating the Islamic Republic’s airspace. MYA/HGH/SS
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