Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:39PM
Iran’s former ambassador to Jordan Nosratollah Tajik

Iran’s former ambassador to Jordan Nosratollah Tajik

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast welcomes a British court’s ruling to stop the extradition of former Iranian diplomat Nosratollah Tajik to the US, calling for his release. Mehmanparast said Wednesday that Iran welcomes the High Court ruling and “despite it being six years too late, considers it a step in the right direction.” On Tuesday, Britain’s High Court ruled to block the extradition of the former Iranian Ambassador to Jordan to the US. “Nosratollah Tajik, for nearly six years, was the victim of a fabricated scenario and has been under house arrest under substandard conditions,” Mehmanparast added. Tajik was arrested in November 2006 and was accused of allegedly trying to purchase night-vision goggles for Iran from US mediators. According to British media reports, undercover FBI agents who were acting as international military equipment dealers offered to sell Tajik the night-vision goggles valued over £50,000 while secretly filming him. “Pressures exerted on the aforementioned individual during this period have caused physical and psychological problems for him and Britain’s judicial officials are in possession of related documents which have been confirmed by Iranian and British doctors.” Mehmanparast expressed hope that Tajik would be able to return to his country after the court’s ruling is executed. MYA/HGH
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