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Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:52AM
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Mayors of the southern Israeli cities have criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for accepting the Egypt-mediated truce deal to end violence on Gaza, saying the premier gave in to Hamas. Yehiel Lasri, the mayor of Ashdod, said that he was disappointed by Netanyahu’s decision to accept the ceasefire to end the operations against the Gaza Strip. "This wasn't the conclusion we prayed for," Lasri said. David Buskila, the Mayor of Sderot also in southern Israel, echoed dissatisfaction at the truce, saying he felt “no pride” in the ceasefire. "The fighting should have been concluded with an accord indicating Israel's clear supremacy and with the Israeli deterrence being restored to its former level," Buskila also said. The Israeli regime and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas reached a ceasefire agreement on Wednesday. The leader of the Israeli opposition party Kadima, Shaul Mofaz, admitted on Wednesday that Hamas emerged stronger than the Tel Aviv regime during the recent Israeli war on Gaza, saying ceasefire was a mistake. “A cease-fire at this point is a mistake; Hamas has the upper hand. We should not have stopped at this stage. Hamas got stronger and we did not gain deterrence,” Mofaz said. A number of other Israeli politicians also described the ceasefire as a defeat for Netanyahu, calling on the premier to resign as he failed to achieve the goals of aggression against Gaza. Kadima member Ronit Tirosh censured Netanyahu over cynically using the residents of the southern Israeli cities and making the equation “the higher the number of victims, the higher the number of Knesset seats.” Over 160 Palestinians, including women and children, were killed and about 1,200 others were injured in the Israeli attacks on Gaza that were carried out during the eight-day period of November 14-21. Palestinian resistance fighters incessantly poured rockets and missiles onto the Israeli cities, killing at least five Israelis, including one soldier, in retaliation for the deadly attacks on Gaza. SAB/MA
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