Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:39PM
The 'Innocence of Muslims’ was designed to stir up anti-Islamic sentiments, and it succeeded, with hundreds injured and many killed as a result. Now a British based faith group has published a briefing paper on the impact of the film and exposes the individuals involved who have tried to obscure their true identities.
The Innocence of Muslims was designed with one thing in mind; to spread anti-Islamic bile across the globe. Now a British organization has researched the aftermath and individuals at the heart of Islamaphobic propaganda. The director of Faith Matters explains why the briefing paper was commissioned. The men at the heart of the provocative release have been exposed as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Steve Klein, Joseph Nasralla Abdelmasih and Morris Sadek. All four have been unmasked as working closely with extremist groups in America with several men having a professional working relationship with Terry Jones, the pastor who has threatened to burn the Qu’ran. Nakoula has been the only one arrested but only for breaching his bail conditions on an unrelated charge. The individuals behind the film have shown no remorse or apologized for the catastrophic fall-out from their project of hate. The great worry here is that suitable lessons highlighted by the film’s release have seemingly not been learnt. Ensuring that there is no repeat of something like the Innocence of Muslims and that states recognize provocation and act to protect its citizens is crucial. There is real concern that the individuals who so expertly ignited a firestorm have so far escaped punishment fitting their crime but now they have been suitably unmasked it makes tracking their activities, and those of others like them easier to do.