Tue Nov 20, 2012 5:9AM
Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has issued statements of support for Israel as it continues to bombard the people of Gaza. This comes as protests have erupted throughout Canada in support of Gazans. Some analysts accuse the Harper government of prioritizing the interests of Israel, over that of Canada.
Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has proclaimed his unambiguous support for Israel’s ongoing attack on the people of Gaza. Although perhaps predictable, this has outraged many Canadians who would like to see Canada’s government take the moral high ground and side with the largely defenseless and malnourished Palestinian of Gaza, who are currently being massacred by Israel. Analysts accuse the Harper government of prescribing to Israeli exceptionalism. Such analysts observe that the Harper government makes excuses for Israel when it commits grave violations of human rights which leads them to conclude that Canada's leaders have been persuaded to view the blood of Israelis as being more valuable than the blood of the rest of humanity. Many Canadians are upset with the undue power and influence supporters of Israel have over Canada’s government. The Harper government repeatedly makes reference to Israel’s “right to defend itself” however analysts observe that Israel broke the ceasefire it had agreed to with Gaza’s elected officials when, on November 8th, the Israeli military assassinated a 13 year old boy who was playing football. This leads analysts to argue that the terms of reference should be the "Palestinian right to defence" against "Israeli aggression" and not vice versa.