Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:36PM
British campaigners believe as another Israeli election looms, almost inevitably, the regime of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unleashes terror to win re-election. Campaigners called for massive demonstration outside the Israeli regime’s embassy in London and all across Britain to condemn the fresh wave of atrocities against defenseless Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. They said as another Israeli election looms, almost inevitably, the Benjamin Netanyahu regime assassinates a Palestinian leader and unleashes a deadly bombardment of Gaza, slaughtering civilians including women and children. This familiar farce is played out every time an Israeli election is pending with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "speculating in Palestinian blood" for his own electoral ends by launching an ongoing bombardment of Gaza, they added. The Zionist premier was labeled as a war criminal by left wingers in his own regime. Netanyahu was accused by left-wing opposition Hadash party MP Mohammed Baraka of "making another round in a circle of blood for cynical political interests" and "speculating in the blood of the Palestinian people." The Israeli attack, which began on Wednesday with the targeted assassination of Hamas military chief Ahmad al-Ja'abari, comes almost exactly four years after the so-called “Operation Cast Lead” in which up to 1,400 Palestinians were killed. The Zionist regime has received the unequivocal backing of Britain the US and other western states, with Foreign Secretary William Hague claiming that "Hamas [the Palestinian resistance movement] bears principal responsibility for the current crisis." But Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn denounced the regime, saying that "once again Israel has wantonly attacked the people of Gaza, bombing and killing. "This is effectively a first world state attacking a poor and largely defenceless population. It looks like a rerun of Operation Cast Lead," he said. "The timing is interesting and it looks like Netanyahu is creating a crisis to ensure his re-election”, the MP added. Meanwhile, Sarah Colborne of the Palestine Solidarity campaign said: "Israeli politicians may have thought that by breaking the ceasefire, attacking Gaza, killing men, women and children indiscriminately, and committing war crimes, they will win more votes in the forthcoming Israeli elections. "But millions of people worldwide are expressing revulsion and horror [over] Israel's attack on Gaza," said Ms Colborne. MOL/HMV/HE