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Fri Nov 9, 2012 10:51AM
US President Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama

Obama likes silence. He kills the Muslim Rohingyas with silence. He makes jokes about drones patrolling in silence before they kill. He never breathes a word about Bahrain. Those who break silence and reveal war crimes must be tortured.”
Do not breathe a sigh of relief that Obama, rather than Romney, got elected. Do not make the slightest sound of joy. In particular, do not believe those who say that Obama “now has more room to manoeuvre,” is “going to be bolder,” and that the best has yet to come. On the contrary, it is not the best but the worst which has yet to come. Yes, Romney is a disgusting plutocrat who pillages corporations and holds 47% of the American people in contempt. Yes, Romney would dismantle social security even for his own supporters. Yes, Romney would maintain, even increase, USA military spending. Yes, Romney creeps and grovels to the Zionists. Yes, Romney is a vicious incompetent capable of finishing off the American economy, ripping apart American society and putting the world into a permanent state of war -? all at the same time. In short, Romney is pure evil. However, as explained by Julian Assange, Obama is a slavering wolf in sheep’s clothing. Indeed, as Webster Tarpley has indicated, Obama is looking for the chance to stab his own supporters in the back. With Obama, the orotund oratory, the mellifluous meanderings and the specious speechifying hide a determination to be the worst president in American history. In fact, he is bent on being so bad that he will go somewhere near the top of the list of the world’s worst-ever leaders. Consider this: under Obama the Homeland Security Agency (which is not the Pentagon) has purchased over seven hundred million dum-dum (expanding) bullets, illegal under international law, for the sole purpose of killing ordinary Americans. Obama knows, and wants, what is to come i.e., economic collapse followed by social violence and a ghastly, wholesale repression. Obama is an agent of the financial elite, Wall Street and the military-industrial complex. And that’s why he has taken powers to imprison or assassinate American citizens without judicial intervention. Obama loves drones. Abroad, his drones assassinate people with brown skins. He likes to relate the story of a child with leukemia while he murders thousands of children and parents. At home, by 2015, there will be thirty thousand drones in the skies of the USA and Americans will be getting a taste of what goes on in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. But surely, it might be protested, Obama might be behoven to insane Christian Zionists who want Armageddon (widespread war in the Middle East), but he is doing things for the economy, is he not? Yes, he’s doing things alright: he’s exporting America’s jobs (and so America’s spending power) to the rest of the world because, like Romney, he only represents the interests of the elite which financed his presidential campaign. When General Motors was bailed out, part of the conditions for the bailout was that thirteen factories in the USA be shut down and twelve hundred dealerships be closed. At the same time General Motors is opening fifteen brand-new factories in China and organising seventeen hundred new dealerships. This is a deliberate selling-out of the American people for the benefit of the shareholders of big corporations and nobody else. Obama is the agent of the corporations and is making sure that America’s jobs are exported. IBM and General Electric now employ more people outside the USA than inside it. Under Obama the USA has the highest prison incarceration rate in the world. In order to fill the privately run prisons, convicts get preposterous sentences (e.g., the Holy Land Foundation Five have received sixty five year prison sentences for providing humane, charitable funds to Hamas, a democratically elected body). At the same time, under Obama, the American government gives money and arms to the al-Qaeda throat-slitters and death squads in Syria in its endeavour to create civil war and, more widely, sectarian war throughout the Middle East. In the USA 20-22% are out of work, forty seven million are on food stamps and, as winter comes, people are being kicked out of their homes. The middle class is hollowing out. Real incomes have been in decline for twenty five years. What is Obama going to do about any of this? Nothing. He has no intent, and no policy, to do anything. Obama likes silence. He kills the Muslim Rohingyas with silence. He makes jokes about drones patrolling in silence before they kill. He never breathes a word about Bahrain. Those who break silence and reveal war crimes must be tortured. Under Obama government debt will shoot up to $18 trillion or more. There will be straightforward money printing and, eventually, hyper-inflation. USA trade with many countries (e.g., Brazil, Chile and Peru,) is rapidly shrinking and will continue to shrink. USA had 31% of global trade in 2000. It was 23.5% in 2010 and forecast to be 16% in 2020. America’s infrastructure is deteriorating and some parts are falling down (remember that bridge?). The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to a flawed personality has resulted in a mad warmonger. Obama’s forwarding of neo-con aggression means that, by hundreds of military bases around the world and continual pressure right up to the borders of other countries including Russia and China, he will precipitate military confrontation. In Syria, Obama is encouraging war crimes and atrocities by the insurgents. No doubt he will call for more war crimes in Syria for “humanitarian purposes”. Perhaps worst of all, he naively believes that he is free to decide American foreign policy when the truth is that Israel only has to fire one missile at an American ship whereon all the Zionist media will be shouting that Iran has attacked and the USA will have been manipulated into a disastrous war. Yes, a Romney presidency would be right at the top of the list of the world’s worst-ever leaders, but Obama won’t be all that far further down. RS/HSN
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