Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:18AM
A new Persian channel called Raha TV has recently launched in the UK. The station ‎aims on anti-Iran move. Analysts are saying this is just another attempt by Western ‎powers to create instability within the country by broadcasting anti-Iranian ‎propaganda. ‎
The global media war on Iran has been raging ever since the revolution succeeded in 1979. Persian media outlets in the West, such as BBC Persia and Voice of America have led an anti-Iran agenda. And now, it’s the turn of Raha TV, a new Anti-Iran channel which began broadcasting from London on Thursday. A press conference was held to mark the launch. The founder, Amir Hossein Jahanshahi, who has escaped Iran after his involvement in the sedition during the Iranian Presidential election three years ago, is shown on Israeli TV last year. He reassures Israel for a victory over Palestine if the Iranian government is changed. Later he went on to endorse the crippling economic sanctions on Iran. Raha TV believes they are the true voice of the Iranian people, ignoring the fact that two-thirds of the country voted for the current government. Mr Jahanshahi has down played the idea that the majority of the Iranian people support the democratically elected government. This press conference has been about one thing and that is to bring down the Iranian government. Raha TV comes at a time when nineteen Iranian satellite channels were taken off the Hot bird satellite service by the European Satellite company, Eutelsate this month. Experts believe that the Western policy of silencing and allowing certain channels to broadcast amounts to blatant double standards and a violation of freedom of speech. How much funding Raha TV gets from American, British and Israeli governments remains to be seen. But In the eyes of many political analysts, the channel is perceived as serving the interests of Western imperial hegemony in the Middle East and not the Iranian people.