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Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:51PM
Interview with Dr. Randy Short with the Dignity, Human Rights & Peace Organization, Washington

Interview with Dr. Randy Short with the Dignity, Human Rights & Peace Organization, Washington

...they use a black person [Obama] who becomes a showman for imperialism and what it has done is it stripped African-Americans of our historic legacy of being people who are against the Anglo-American racist, imperialist empire and solidarity we used to have with other people."
US President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney have held the third and final debate of the US presidential campaign, which focused on international affairs. On Monday, Obama and Romney met for the 90-minute debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, the biggest swing state prize with 29 electoral votes. The debate touched on a broad range of issues, including the popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, the threat of al-Qaeda and other extremist groups, and the US-led war in Afghanistan. The two candidates also talked about Iran's nuclear energy program and trade with China. On Syria, Romney said he did not want military intervention in the country. Instead, Washington should play a bigger role in financing and arming the insurgents, he suggested. Both candidates repeated the accusation that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons and expressed strong support for Israel, the only player in the Middle East that possesses nuclear weapons. Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Randy Short, with the Dignity, Human Rights & Peace Organization, to further discuss if the two candidates offered different perspectives on the issues they touched upon. What follows is the transcript of the interview. Press TV: Listening to the debate, it almost appears as if the United States is actually the entity that determines or is trying to determine policy all over the world. We saw their perspectives of both candidates in talking about Syria, we saw their perspectives in dealing with Libya and Iran and basically, as Mitt Romney says when he was talking about Pakistan, that the United States should be able to take out any entity that it considers an enemy wherever in the world. So how different do you see, first of all the two candidates’ perspectives and does it not appear as if the United States is trying to play policeman of the world or what we say even trying to control and determine other countries destiny and thanks for being with us Dr. Short? Short: If you ask me what you see is almost two children on the school playground arguing I am Netanyahu! No, I am Netanyahu!, that is what it seems like, as if they were competing for who could repeat the AIPAC line best and it is frightening because essentially you have like a competition between Romney, who is Frankenstein and Obama who is Dracula. How are they really different if it ultimately ends that they want to go to war or bully the other nations? So I agree! America is the terrordome of the planet if the corporate interests are not satisfied and the people on Wall Street. Press TV: Well, Dr. Short let us look at the average Americans and their perspectives right now because of course this was the third and final debate but in general as you have just said, it sounded like they were, basically, speaking from Tel Aviv instead of from the United States and trying to further the United States .... Short: Yes, they would probably win if they ran. Press TV: Perhaps but trying to further the United States agenda. I want to look at the average American. When they see this, do you think that the average Americans, actually, are starting to question when they see that first of all it does not seem to be a very large difference, if any, in their perspectives and also this constant, let us say, pledge of allegiance to Israel? Short: Well, if I could speak not to all Americans, I just like to focus on African-Americans because they are more likely to be the victims of whatever changes either person makes if they become president, I brought some show and tell of this young man Afdal [Azam Ali] Leach whose family is being terrorized because they claimed that there is a tennis ball that he had to blow up the Democratic Party convention, I want to know who his family is going to vote for. This is from Henry Josephfodom where the Nazis and Ku Klux Klan are terrorizing blacks in the state of Delaware where Vice-president Biden son is the attorney general and there was a man who was hung on May 12th whose name is Johnny clarke and Joseph Fordham, Johnny barely escaped on the 24th of September and then yesterday this sister Sharmeka Moffitt was burnt, set on fire by three white males. So we are not safe or secure in this country and so we have two people who do not look up for interests and has spent most of their time talking about making a war on Iranian and Syrians, who basically seem like they are ok people to us. We need jobs, we need safety, we need security and no one speaking to that. We want the police to stop killing a black every 30 hours in this country. We are sick of 1.1 million people of our folks being in jail. Press TV: You have just brought up some interesting points and perhaps to many people who are viewing this newscast, they would say, however, you have a president who is black in the White House. So what actually is going on? What is the problem then? What would you respond? Short: Well, Obama is black but it is not about color, it is about ideology. You have a lot of black presidents in Africa whose ideology, like Ouattara in Ivory Coast, who wants to serve the French and starve his own people. So this colonial process exists in the United States for internalized population of 50 million African-Americans where abortion is a family plan, prison is a job program and emigration is a future where you replace our population. They can use a black person to wage war on Iran, on Syria, to ignore Bahrain, Yemen, where they want to go into Mali, they have got covert things going on in Algeria and they have slaughtering black people right now in Bani Walid right there in Libya and they use a black person who becomes a showman for imperialism and what it has done is it stripped African-Americans of our historic legacy of being people who are against the Anglo-American racist, imperialist empire and solidarity we used to have with other people, now this man has robbed us of this along with billions of dollars when they bailed out the banks and left us to starve in this country and he is black, I guess I am happy. Press TV: Just really quickly, does it make a difference if Mitt Romney is elected or Barack Obama? Short: Unfortunately I am going to lean towards Obama, not as an endorsement but Romney, he has not even renounced the extreme racism within his Mormonism which he owes the public, he owes people like me a promise that he will not treat me like an enemy and my people as enemies of God. So Obama is the best choice. I will go with Dracula over Frankstein. MY/MN/JR
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