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Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:17PM

Report reveals that with around five-point-one million children still out-of-school, Pakistan is likely to miss its ‘Primary education for all’ target by 2015. Experts say insufficient investment in education is the major reason for Pakistan's lagging behind.
The 2012 Education for All Global Monitoring Report has revealed that with spending only 2.3% of its GDP on education, Pakistan is unlikely to achieve its target of ‘Universal Primary Education for All’ by 2015. Titled ‘Putting Education to Work’, the 10th EFA report maintains that despite having committed itself to the particular United Nations Millennium Development Goal, Pakistan still has the second largest number of out-of-school children: around 5.1 million. Statistics given in the report show that out of 775 million illiterate adults in the world, 50 are in Pakistan, making the country’s illiteracy rate the third highest in the world. The report states that 36% of Pakistanis, nearly 12 million, have not completed primary schooling. This leaves Pakistan with the second highest number of unskilled young people, just after the neighboring India. Experts say apart from inadequate political will to ensure all children attend school, insufficient investment in education is the major reason why Education for All goals are not achieved. This, as Pakistan has decreased its spending on education from 2.6% of its GDP to 2.3% in the past decade, is, according to the report, one of the prime reasons for the country lagging behind. This year the Education For All Global Monitoring Report paints a gloomy picture with stagnating progress towards achieving the education goals. The report is an urgent wake-up call for the government and donors to do more in the final push towards the 2015 deadline.