Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:13PM
Four new pharmaceutical production lines inaugurated. The high tech drugs are in the form of pellets and Direct Compression Granules. The new drugs are prescribed for a wide range of illnesses and as officials say, they save the country millions of dollars. The CEO of Darou pakhsh Chemical Company, DPPC, told us about their achievement. The West has imposed unilateral sanctions against Iran over its peaceful nuclear program. The sanctions have, to a little extent, targeted Iran’s pharmaceutical industry despite its humanitarian role, but as the CEO of Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Company, TPICO says, the effects are temporary: On the list of courtiers Iran exports its medicine to, are countries that deny Iran raw material for its pharmaceutical needs. Pellet can be used in production of tablets, capsules, and caplets that deliver single active compounds, as well as multiple active compounds, each requiring different release patterns, within a single dosage form. One of the main advantages of pellets is that they can be used to fill different strengths dosage form, thus avoiding repetitious & costly strength specific validations