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Sat Oct 6, 2012 2:9PM
Iran successfully test-fires the 4th generation of the Fateh missile. (File photo)

Iran successfully test-fires the 4th generation of the Fateh missile. (File photo)

As Tel Aviv steps up war rhetoric against Tehran, Iran's defense minister says Iranian missiles are powerful enough to repel any threat. “Different kinds of cruise missiles that are currently in our possession are for marine targets, and Nasr, Qader, Nour, and Zafar missiles as well as Fateh ballistic missile are able to repel any threat,” Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said on Saturday. Iran has no shortage in the missile field. However, this does not mean the end of the work, he added. Vahidi emphasized that Iran is implementing more projects and is facing no problem in terms of range, precision, and destruction power of its missiles. In recent years, Iran has made great achievements in the defense sector and gained self-sufficiency in essential military hardware and defense systems. The United States, Israel and some of their allies have accused Iran of pursuing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program with Tel Aviv has recently stepping up its threats against the Islamic Republic. Iran rejects the allegations, arguing that as a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency, it is entitled to develop and acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. The Iranian officials have promised a crushing response to any military strike against the country, warning that any such measure could result in a war that would spread beyond the Middle East. SF/SS
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