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Fri Oct 5, 2012 11:35AM
Swediesh Krona (file photo)

Swediesh Krona (file photo)

A delegation of North Korean business and trade officials have traveled to Sweden to visit banks, state agencies and companies and learn about the European nation’s economy, reports say. "The participants are from universities, state export companies and the North Korean foreign trade ministry. They have been invited by the International Council of Swedish Industry," AFP quoted the Swedish Radio as saying on Friday. The 25-member delegation's visit will last two weeks, the report said. Benny Olsson, the marketing director of a vegetable wholesaler in Stockholm, said he met with the North Korean delegation and responded to their many questions about Swedish economy. "I don't know what jobs any of them had, all I know is that they were high-ranking economists from North Korea, that's it," Olsson said. The visit to Sweden was organized by Johan Alvin from the International Council of Swedish Industry. "We support their wish to learn more about our type of economy," he told the public radio. Swedish government has long diplomatic relations with Pyongyang, and is regarded as the first western country to open an embassy in North Korea. The embassy was established in 1975, and the European country protects the interests section of the US, Finland, Australia and Canada in the Asian state. SAB/MA
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