Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:4AM
British Muslims have held a rally outside the French embassy in London in protest to the sacrilegious portrayal of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. The protesters who shouted slogans against the magazine condemned its offensive move and called for those responsible for insulting Islam’s prophet to be put on trial. The demonstrators were especially angry about the western hypocrisy concerning freedom of speech as France has banned related rallies by Muslims while allowing the publishers of the cartoons go unpunished citing freedom of speech. The protesters also drew parallels between a French court ban on the publication of nude pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton by a French magazine and the courts’ refusal to ban the holy prophet’s cartoons as yet another sign that the western governments’ talk of democracy is no more than hypocrisy. “This is not acceptable. This is not freedom of speech. We want the French government to take action against the people who have done this,” AFP quoted a protester named Untuaz Ahmad as saying. The insulting cartoons have triggered worldwide condemnation from Muslims. Islamic world’s outrage has been fueled by the fact that the cartoons were published within days of an offensive US-made film about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that triggered days of huge demonstrations across the Muslim world as well as in non-Muslim countries like Australia, Britain, the United States, France and Belgium, among others. AMR/HE