Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:31AM
British police say two bombs discovered in the Northern Irish city of Londonderry on Friday were deliberate traps to kill police officers. Police found two bombs near the Derry City Council’s office grounds one of them in a bag and the other attacked to a bicycle and chained to railings at the back of the offices. Police had army bomb disposal experts to make the devices safe. The force later said they believe the bombs were planted to target officers while they could also kill passersby in the crowded walkway near the council offices. "I'm under no doubt that the device on the bicycle was intended to kill police officers or the army disposal officer who turned up to deal with the first device," Chief Inspector John Burrows said. "The volunteer from Foyle search and rescue who found the holdall could have been killed,” he added. Police said the bomb in the bag was on a timer and have blamed the dissident republicans for the bombings. The forces had to evacuate nearby houses as the bomb disposal officers dealt with the security alert. Also on Friday, Northern Ireland security officials in County Armagh had to deal with another device that was later declared a hoax. AMR/HE