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Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:7AM
Israeli Premier Netanyahu with US president Obama in the background (file photo)

Israeli Premier Netanyahu with US president Obama in the background (file photo)

It's been a surprising past two days. The Israelis have launched a dual campaign to salvage Netanyahu's failed attempt to shake Obama down for a red line commitment to attack Iran. Bibi already had Romney in the bag but the Zios historically like to have the fix in with both candidates. That is the part they like best about democracy, being able to subvert it. Mitt Romney, silver spoon Mormon who hid out in France during the Vietnam War has no problem sending American servicemen and women to their deaths before he is even elected. He has lowered the bar on the historical abuse of America's military. The pressure for the shift came from a pincer movement of very vocal opposition back home in Israel and from long time supporters in America. Rabbi Eric Yoffie, former president of the Union for Reform Judaism and long time friend of Bibi stated what everybody had been thinking and talking about. “I find myself wondering if Bibi Netanyahu is completely out of control....Events of the last months have left me in a state of stunned belief...Netanyahu has inserted himself into the American election campaign, with predictable and catastrophic results.” Part two of the pincer is the new poll numbers with the Pew pollsters having Obama eight points ahead now. Florida Jews, a key swing state, are 69% in the Obama camp despite Romney's major campaigning there. Ironically that is where the new disaster video was made last May, in Boca Raton. I sense a panic among the pro Iran War Israeli Lobby crowd that burning the bridges to Obama might put the administration in a payback mode with an impending re-election. Mr. O might even be interested in a little regime change in Israel itself. If he wins, it would give four years to work on prosecutions of those who have been a little closer to Israel than they were supposed to be. By that I mean Israeli espionage, from which we are getting more and more feedback at VeteransToday. That face that the military and intelligence community is getting fed up about nothing being done about their political espionage here. Something which has never really been prosecuted. Post election, if Romney does not win, there will be calls for investigations into Israeli Intel assets deeply involved with the Romney campaign. One of the perks that Israel uses to reward friendly parties and nations is election rigging. They have been active recently in the Balkans in Georgia, and also in Armenia. Foreign elections have become a growth industry business for them, corruption on steroids. One of the juicy gems that American mass media did not share with the public is Romney bragging in his Boca Raton video about the Israeli 'experts' he had advising him on the campaign 'who had worked in campaigns all over the world', an unprecedented thing for an American presidential candidate to say. Of course he did not know that he was being recorded. Israeli back peddling was in full speed the last two days. While Ehud Barak was in Chicago with Rahm Emanuel, son of an Israeli terrorist, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon was in New York trying to shore up the Conference of Major Jewish organizations. He presented a pitiful portrayal of it all being a 'misunderstanding'...and blaming both sides. No one believes this but Israelis just can't pass up on using the guilt trip routine as it is something they are so used to doing. Ayalon was adding insult to injury. What is going to cause permanent damage to the relationship is Americans coming to understand that Netanyahu was partnering in a co-Romney coup to offer the American military up for a preemptive strike force on Iran. Many believe Romney's part in this to be treason. But Ayalon was not finished with his insincere comments about the 'misunderstanding'. In a classic 'let's now change the topic', he shocked everyone by putting on the table that now, in 2012, Israelis have discovered that there are Jewish refugees from the 1948 war. Gosh, I wonder who told them this? Was it a spy perhaps? Mr. Ayalon even had a number, 856,000 'who fled persecution or were evicted'. I smelled the whiff of a new reparations campaign, which as always, does not require Israel to pay, or any of the Diaspora who have supported their crimes against humanity. I would add the Christian Evangelicals to the list. If I told you how much they donate to Israel each year, you would not believe me. It's incredible. But another Israeli Lobby wing was deployed in the counter attack. Fox News began their usual talking points charade for journalism. Their job now is just to create confusion so after a few days no one can remember what the original issue even was. I was on the road a bit this week and had to listen to Sean Hannity while driving, and it was sheer torture. The man has a long radio show and just drones on and on and on, using endless repetition and all the straight from the psyops training book phrases used to train Intel professionals. It reminded me of some of ex-Communist Arthur Koestler's quotes in The God that Failed. I have looked them up for you as they are gems. Hannity, I hope are reading as they fit you like a glove. Two hours of this tom-tom (repetitiveness of diction, the catechism technique of asking a rhetorical question and repeating the full question in the answer) and you didn’t know whether you were a boy or a girl, and were ready to believe either...p 41 The correct way was never to write, say, and above all never to think, anything which could not be understood by a dustman. We cast off our intellectual baggage like passengers on a ship seized by panic...p 43 Hannity's guests were all the Bush era Neocons, working overtime to try to get back into power to giving us more of the 'Bush treatment'. God help us. These are the folks that gave us a 9/11 investigation where the commission members publicly stated they knew witnesses had perjured themselves and others withheld information. But since the whole charade was done without legal oaths being required no one could be prosecuted. Fox News, a Murdoch property, will be working full steam to keep the anti-Obama Republican base cranked up for Election Day. No one else listens to them. Their mistake is an age old one...going overboard. But Fox is going to rake in a fortunate with all the end of the campaign political advertising, and they aim to please. They need the money, which makes them more dangerous than usual. Our mass media left out another important part of the Romney Boca Raton video, where he said that the election would probably swing with who the independent voters go for. My experience is they tend to be more educated, have better street smarts, and are resistant to cheap campaign rhetoric. I will bet that the over kill by the Repubs will push them to Obama, mostly out of spite. There is an old saying in America, “The witch you know, is better than the one you don't.” And that reminds me of the old Churchill quote that if you think democracy is a good system, talk to an average voter for five minutes. It's worse now than when he wrote those words. Wars were fought mainly by rural people and college was a rare privilege for most in his day. But we live now in an age where college grads can be dumber than your average grandparents, as they were not subjected to endless hours of modern propagandists like we have now. Those we are told are a threat in some of the 'pre-emptive strike countries' and are actually of our grand parents' age and moral bearing. They are resisting a threat, just like our grandparents would have. I have Confederate ancestors who were killed and died in POW camps during our invasion by the early Neocon crowd known as Lincoln Republicans. When they were broke they buried the country in war debt and rendered our South a third world colony. Americans need to put themselves into the Iranians' shoes. We have either had them under the gun, stealing their oil, or running their country through the Shah. What's not to love about us? This Neocon invention, the justification of a pre-emptive attack on someone who might be a threat in the future...we need to hang all of those people, the sooner the better. I guarantee you; this would calm things down right away. I will bet you my house on this because if they win, I won't have it anyway. JD/AZ
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