Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:12AM
Britain’s former Health Minister Paul Burstow has attacked the Treasury for blocking reforms aimed at funding elderly and disabled care. Burstow, who lost his job in the recent cabinet reshuffle, blamed Chancellor George Osborne and his department for delaying an urgent decision on the financing of the reforms, saying that the Treasury “has no sense of urgency”. “The Treasury's view is simple: kick the can down the road despite our rising elderly population”, said Burstow. He added that there would be more elderly and disabled people losing their homes and savings to pay health care bills if the government continues its current social care policy. "I fear the Coalition could be tempted to put care financing back in the 'too difficult to do' drawer”, Burstow wrote in an article for The Daily Telegraph. He further stressed that the government lacks the “political will” to help the aged. However, the Treasury dismissed Burstow’s concerns over elderly care claiming the department played a significant role in getting the issue back on the agenda. MOS/AMR/HE