Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:26PM
Anti-US protests are continuing across Yemen. In Sana’a, demonstrators have ‎condemned the anti-Islam film as well as the cartoons made by the French Satirical ‎weekly. ‎
Yemenis have held rallies in Sana’a and have demanded for achieving all of their revolution goals. They have also denounced the foreign interference into their country’s affairs. Protesters have condemned the cartoons made by the French satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo, which has insulted the holy prophet of Islam. Angry demonstrators have chanted slogans against the US and Israel, who they blame as the main supporters behind the campaign against Islam. The slogans included “Down to US, death to Israel and Islam is victorious.” Denouncing the continued campaign against Islam, protesters marched toward the US embassy to express their anger against the latest published insulting cartoon film. To prevent another storm against the US embassy, Police and security forces tightened the perimeter of the mission equipped with armored vehicles and water cannon trucks. Here in Sanaa, police fired shots and lobbed a barrage of tear gas at a crowd of protesters who were trying to march to the U.S. embassy. In addition, in face of the large and continued wave of revolutionaries, US have sent a squad of marines to dwindle the uprise. Demonstrators also expressed their anger at the existence of the US marines who were sent as the Yemeni and US government claimed to protect the diplomatic mission. Angry demonstrators chanted slogans and have called for the respect of Islam and that they would not tolerate this continued campaign against Islam. As political analysts say there should be an international law that incriminate any insults that target Islamic believes in similarly to the resolution issued by the UN that incriminate anti Semitism. Demonstrators say they will not rest until they say the perpetrators who mocked the holy prophet of Islam brought to justice.