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Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:9PM
Anti-US protest in Afghanistan. (File photo)

Anti-US protest in Afghanistan. (File photo)

Thousands of people have poured onto streets in Afghanistan’s Bamyan Province in protest against an anti-Islam film produced in the United State. Protesters shouted anti-US slogans in the province’s central city of Bamyan, on Thursday, calling on the Afghan government to cut ties with Washington. Officials say the protests have been peaceful. Earlier in the day, hundreds of protesters gathered in Kabul, calling for the trial of those behind the production of the sacrilegious movie and demanded that the government break all diplomatic ties with Washington. On Wednesday, about 1,000 angry people and university students in the eastern province of Nangarhar expressed their outrage against the film that insults Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Over the past days, thousands of Afghan protesters have staged anti-US demonstrations. Outrage and anti-US sentiment are growing across the world over the insulting movie, with protests being held in tens of countries. According to AFP, more than 30 people have been killed around the world since protests began last week. Protesters demand that Washington apologize to the Muslim world over the film, which was reportedly financed by more than 100 Zionist Jews. Meanwhile, similar demonstrations are expected to increase in the coming days following a French magazine’s publishing of insulting cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Wednesday. AZA/SZH/JR
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