Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:16PM
A new organization called Awam Yemen is established in Sana’a. They say the corrupted government officials have looted large amounts of money from the people. Now the national body is to recover people’s wealth.
The newly established organization Awam Yemen held a press conference in the capital Sana'a announcing its strategic agenda which they say will recover the funds which have been looted from the Yemeni people by corrupted government officials. Such looting of the state's founds and people's wealth by corrupted government officials has become a strategic systematical routine the organization argues, and it is this systemwhich the organization stresses must come to an end in order to build a new Yemen. The national body also said that bringing an end to the government's looting is a moral and national obligation on all Yemenis in order to assure that the next generation don’t encounter such a pressing issue which drained the Yemeni economy for over 3 decades. Speakers at the conference highlighted three leading steps which they will take to begin the process of restoring the people's wealth and ending the looting of funds. The general coordinator of Awam Yemen told press that they have documented proof of government looting which took place under Ali Saleh's era. Awam Yemen concluded the press conference Wednesday by calling on the Yemeni people and all political parties to join them in the fight against government corruption which they say will suppress the economic growth for years to come, if not brought to an end today. Awam Yemen says that the looting of funds in Yemen has become a systematical routine which has turned Yemen into one of the poorest countries in the world.