Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:15PM
Improving energy infrastructure has always been among the top priorities of Russian officials. To this end, Moscow is hosting a conference on energy to find new ways to modernize its energy sector. Margarita Bogdanova has this report.
The conference devoted to innovation in the field of superconductivity gathered key players in the Russian energy sector. They discuss new technologies, mechanisms of implementation of a superconducting infrastructure. The main topic became a project of the State Corporation Rosatom "Innovative Energy and superconductor industry", which aims to create an innovative technology framework for the energy efficiency of the economy in Russia. Project approved by the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation is aimed at modernizing and developing technological aspect of Russia's economy. According to the Deputy Director General of the Block Management Innovation, "Rosatom" attracted sufficient funds for the project. The representative of "Rosatom" reported planned completion of the project by 2015. It is planned to produce prototypes of superconducting mechanisms, which will allow to create own production, to penetrate energy systems, and to create markets for superconducting equipment. The head of the innovative technologies in the field of superconductivity said superconductor industry will significantly save on electricity. The Vice President of the Developer company "TVEL" also commented on the further development of the energy industry, According to the speakers, by the 2015 there will be established a foundation for a prototype superconducting power devices for the subsequent formation of a new market power, including energy storage, generators, motors, transformers. And there will be developed technologies for competitive industrial production of high-temperature superconductors. Development of superconductor motors, according to experts, promises advantages for Russia on the domestic and global markets. This new energy source will allow to retrieve energy at less cost and without damaging disposals. Ultimately, superconductor industry will allow to significantly save on electricity and to obtain an improvement of the ecological situation in the big cities.