Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:55PM
There are talks of fluctuations in the rates of foreign currency almost everywhere, worrying many. Since around last year, Iran’s foreign currency market has gone through many changes, for example the price of one dollar on January, 2011 was 11000 Rials and today it is more than 24500. The same is true with other foreign currencies. The other change was removing the two tiered exchange rate with some exceptions. Manufacturers say that instability in foreign exchange market is hurting their business. Some officials believe that the multi tiered foreign currency exchange rate is not an answer to the problem. Some people and businesses are prospering in this market. Then there are people that are not businessman but need foreign currency for other reasons, such as supporting their family residing outside the country. The government has promised to lower down the rates of foreign currencies then reducing prices of goods . To that end, according to officials , there are some specific plans