Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:5AM
As the U-S presidential election draws closer, many voters undecided. This includes African-Americans, who overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama in the last election. But now that the optimism of 2008 has disappeared, many say neither candidate is worth voting for.
In the 2008 Presidential election Blacks supported Barack Obama by 95 percent but after four years in office a lot has changed, the biggest is the President's position on supporting same sex marriage, high black unemployment and other issues, which have left some black Christians torn. And yet the other candidate, Mitt Romney is a Mormon, many black congregants question the theology of the Mormon Church and its former ban of black men in the priesthood. Now, many black pastors say there is really no good choice for President, and at least some are telling their church members to stay home. Of course, this is bad news for both candidates but mainly Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, who desperately needs a big turn out of black voters for him to win this close election. Still, at least some black church leaders have begun get-out-the-vote efforts and want churchgoers to vote based upon values, but with just two months left until election there is little time to change minds.