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Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:51PM
German contemporary artist Gunther Uecker

German contemporary artist Gunther Uecker

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts has exhibited a collection of German sculptor Gunther Uecker’s created works titled Injuries and Connections. German Ambassador Brand Erbel, Museum director Ehsan Aqaei, German author Alexander Tolnay along with Uecker attended the opening ceremony held on September 16. The 82-year old Uecker is a major contemporary artist in Germany whose works reflect the cultural and social roots of his time, Tolnay introduced the artist at the ceremony. The works generally focused on the theme of the threats and difficulties that had affected man’s life over the years, Uecker explained about his works. The exhibited pieces were classified in two sections; the first included Uecker’s paintings and sculptures that showed the injuries and the second were the artists creations on pieces of paper indicating his concerns. As one of the leading German artists since World War II, Uecker stressed that “art cannot save the human by itself, but it can be a medium to help man achieve freedom.” “Uecker is known as an artist who helped revive art after the World War II,” said German Ambassador Erbel. Uecker was a founding member of the literal-minded postwar European Zero Group, which he founded with Otto Piene and Heinz Mack to exhibit their work in a series of one-day-only evening exhibitions, often staged in their studios. His works were partly inspired by Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky’s cosmic abstractions and Vladimir Mayakovsky’s injunction “Poetry is made with a hammer.” Uecker’s oeuvre includes paintings, object arts and installations as well as stage designs and films. He is mostly interested in eastern European avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s, but is likewise fascinated by Asian cultures and their ideas. The exhibition is slated to run until November 1, 2012 in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts which is known for its Iranian treasure trove and exquisite collection of Western art by the artists from around the world. FGP/PKH
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