Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:18AM
The General Conference of the IAEA kicks off on Monday in Vienna. Iran's Head of the Atomic Energy Organization has attended the conference and said IAEA is influenced by some certain countries.
General Director Yukiya Amano started the 56th General Conference of the IAEA. The IAEA director general said that the agency is to hold more talks with Iran to clarify concerns about its nuclear energy work. In his opening speech he stated the Agency`s important contribution to a safe nuclear technology and also to support countries using nuclear energy. Iran’s nuclear program was mentioned in almost every opening speech of the delegates. A clear indication that a conclusion is eager to be found. Iran’s Ambassador to IAEA Soltanieh was accompanied by Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Fereydoun Abbasi to get ready for the conference. Speaking at this session of the IAEA, Abbasi mentioned that some certain countries are swaying the UN agency in its decision-making and right now IAEA is distancing from its fairness principle. He also reiterated that Iran’s nuclear energy program is peaceful and called for a global nuclear disarmament. According to Abbasi IAEA must disarm the countries that are already in possession of nuclear weapons. Abbasi who held the speech for Iran, expressed concerns about the management of the agency. He said the IAEA has taken a cynical approach. Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran went on to warn the UN nuclear watchdog against the infiltration by “terrorists and saboteurs” and revealed some sabotage operations at Iran’s nuclear facilities ahead of IAEA inspectors visit in August. Director General of the IAEA Yukiya Amano says the agency is firmly committed to resuming talks with Iran over its nuclear energy program.