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Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:50PM
File photo shows Iran-made warship, Jamaran.

File photo shows Iran-made warship, Jamaran.

An Iranian lawmaker says Iran is an international power and a pioneer in producing the most modern defense equipment. Amir Khojasteh said on Monday that the abilities of Iranian experts have enabled Iran to build the latest weaponry and military equipment. The lawmaker went on to say that enemies of Iran are well aware of the power of the Iranian nation in defending the country and have never think about attacking Iran because they are sure that Iran will give them a crushing response. Khojasteh noted that Iran's military capacity is at such a high level that not only competes with superpowers, but has even surpassed them in some cases. Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad-Ali Ja’fari recently announced that the IRGC is fully equipped with the latest weapons and is ready to defend the Islamic Revolution against all types of war threats. He also referred to the latest IRGC military productions, including the Ra’ad (Thunder) aerial defense system and the Shahed 129 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Iranian authorities have dismissed the repeated Israeli threats of military action against the Islamic Republic, warning that if Tel-Aviv makes the mistake of launching such an attack, it will spell the end of the Israeli regime. A number of senior Iranian military commanders have also emphasized that in case of any attack on Iran, the conflict will certainly expand well beyond the region. TE/SS
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