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A political analyst says that the controversial anti-Islam film was made by a man with a criminal record who “grossly” deceived the blasphemous movie’s cast, Press TV reports. “The entire cast and crew who made the film have repudiated it. They have said that they were grossly misled by its intent and purpose. Their words in the film were overdubbed with new statements.” Pastor Stephen Sizer told Press TV during an interview on Sunday. The pastor condemned the film’s intent saying it aimed at inciting violence. “First of all let me say that the Christian community completely denounces the practice of insulting and slandering adherence of other religions or their founders.” Sizer said that Nakula Basseley Nakula or Sam Bacile, already “a convicted felon” faces “further convictions in the United States” for the way he made the film. According to Sizer, before making headlines in the media, the controversial clip went on YouTube instead of being shown on the television or in the cinemas. It was then “exploited by eccentric extremist religious leader Terry Jones”. The analyst went on to say that the film was then “picked up by a religious leader in Egypt who showed samples of the video on his program and clearly upset people in Egypt who had never even heard of the film.” He added that the violence, misunderstanding, and hatred resulting from the film is repudiated in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The film's supposed writer and director, a man calling himself Sam Bacile, has said the movie was meant to be a provocative political statement in condemnation of Islam. The movie’s trailer has caused outrage in many countries across the world. SZH/JR