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Anti-Islam film excuse for more US boots on ground: Analyst
Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:38PM
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Imagine how little free speech we have where we can’t talk about what actually is; and yet, demonizing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is freedom of speech."

Randy Short from Dignity, Human Rights and Peace

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An American political analyst says the latest anti-Islam film and the deadly unrest following its release is a pretext for the US to wage more wars in the Muslim world, Press TV reports.

“This major crisis in all the countries will be a justification for more boots on the ground the same way they’re ready to go into Libya now…It becomes a pretext to kill more Muslims, to steal more resources,” member of Dignity, Human Rights and Peace Randy Short said during a Press TV interview on Saturday.

The analyst slammed the message of the anti-Islam movie made in the United States and the lack of a restriction on productions aimed at creating unrest around the world under the flag of freedom of expression.

“Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), has to be, if not the singular, one of the greatest of three people that have ever lived. Insulting him and not being able to do something to restrict the insult of such a significant personality and religion, is by choice,” Short added.

Short argued that while insulting Islam’s prophet and “hurting the feelings” of Muslims is tolerated by US politicians and western Media, making comments about the Jewish faith would not go unpunished.

“I assure you, if this had been something on the Jewish faith - on the Talmud which has some very interesting comments, if you just put up the words from the Talmud about certain things, you would get in trouble. You would get attacked for simply reprinting what’s in the book with no commentary.”

“Imagine how little free speech we have where we can’t talk about what actually is; and yet, demonizing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is freedom of speech,” Short added.

Short believes the strong presence of high-ranking Jewish people in Western media may be behind this selective freedom of expression.

Instead, he said that a response to hurting “our brothers and sisters in the Middle East” would most likely be one made with bombs and drones.

Short blamed such instances of insult on the West’s will to “ignore the significance of Islam” and a general lack of “desire to understand Muslims or Islam”, despite the fact that Islam is “the fastest growing religion in the world”.

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