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Fierce clashes erupt in Cairo’s Liberation Square
Egyptian protesters pull down US flags from the US Embassy in Cairo on September 11, 2012.
Egyptian protesters pull down US flags from the US Embassy in Cairo on September 11, 2012.
Egyptian riot police have clashed with angry demonstrators protesting in Cairo’s Liberation Square over a blasphemous anti-Islam movie produced by an Israeli-American in the United States.

The demonstration in the Egyptian capital was being held to express anger against the blasphemous video, which insults the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Meanwhile the US ambassador to Egypt has left Cairo amid raging protests in the North African nation.

Earlier in the day, clashes erupted between the protesters and the police with security forces using tear gas to disperse the demonstrators outside the embassy.

More than 200 people have so far been injured during the clashes in Cairo. Police have also arrested about two dozen people.

The demonstrations against the movie began in Cairo on September 11 during which security forces scuffled with demonstrators and fired tear gas at the angry protesters.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has also condemned the production of the movie.

“We Egyptians reject any kind of assault or insult against our prophet. I condemn and oppose all who… insult our prophet,” Morsi stated during a visit to Brussels on Thursday.

Protests have erupted in several other countries including Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan in response to the sacrilegious film.

Angry protesters across the world have poured into the streets to condemn the blasphemous movie and demand the US government apologize to the Muslim world.

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