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German govt. grilled over failure to remove US nukes
German opposition parties have condemned the Berlin government’s plans to keep US nukes and modernize them.
German opposition parties have condemned the Berlin government’s plans to keep US nukes and modernize them.
Germany's coalition government has come under fire for decisions to drop plans to remove remaining American nuclear weapons from German soil.

The German opposition parties have expressed outrage that in addition to putting off plans to have the atomic weapons removed, the Berlin government has agreed to modernize them.

Social Democratic Party criticized the ruling Christian Democrats of Chancellor Angela Merkel for keeping and planning to modernize the nukes in the European Union’s most populated state.

The party argued that the plans go against the promises Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle made in 2009, when the coalition government was being formed.

At the time, Westerwelle pledged to seek the removal of the nuclear stockpile from Germany.

German-language Der Spiegel reported in May that the bombs themselves are currently undergoing a multibillion refurbishment program. Initially priced at $2 billion, the upgrade is expected to be closer to $6 billion.

The Pentagon wants to replace the four existing modifications of B61 with a single new one.

Meanwhile, the German army is expected to spend 314 million US dollars to keep its Tornado fighter jets serviceable until 2024. The aircraft would be used to drop the US nuclear bombs.

Officially there are between 10 and 20 nuclear bombs at the Buchel Air Base in Germany’s southwestern state of Rhineland Palatinate.

There are reports that the German government had given up its position at the NATO summit in Chicago at the end of May, when Merkel and Westerwelle both consented to a joint declaration.

That declaration included a statement saying that nuclear weapons were a central component of the total NATO capacity, and that the current deployment was sufficient to provide an effective defence.

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