Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:21PM
What this shows us is that US policy, no matter how many millions and billions they spend to demonize Islam, whatever they do will slap them in the face."
The US Ambassador to Libya and three consulate staff were killed by a mob that attacked the US Embassy building in response to the release of an anti-Islamic film. Protests against the US-made movie that has been described as blasphemy, an abomination that insults the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) have erupted across the Muslim world, but most violently in Libya, Yemen and Egypt where people have died. It is also noted that these three countries in particular witnessed the most aggressive interference by the US to manipulate popular revolutions away from the hands of the people. Press TV has interviewed Imam Abdul Alim Musa, Imam of the Masjid al-Islam, Washington about the issue. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview. Press TV: This is of course not the first anti-Islam incident that has taken place in the US or through the US. Do you believe that finally at some point the Muslim governments such as the Persian Gulf Monarchies will finally stand up and say enough is enough? Imam Musa: I think what has happened already is some unintended consequences. They meant to slap the face of Islam and the Muslims, but look exactly at what happened. The Ambassador to Libya who helped lead the rebellion against the Gaddafi regime was one of the first people killed. Who was he killed by? He was killed by the same people who they helped install a few months back. And then the second case, we know the fitna and the money and the billions that the Saudis have spent in Egypt building up Salafi groups and others to oppose the Ikhvani groups there in Egypt who are struggling for the whole Egyptian society and for Islam. Well, we see that in both of those capitals, both of those societies, is where the main opposition to this film took place. So, we recited two days ago on this same program (Bismillah ….) They plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best of planners. What this shows us is that US policy, no matter how many millions and billions they spend to demonize Islam, whatever they do will slap them in the face. The last example is the US military right now in Afghanistan. There has never been a military in history that has lost more to suicide than they have to enemy fire. Look in Afghanistan right now, the US military is losing more of their troops to suicide than they are to killing. So what we see is Allah’s hand coming out of what the US and the West make feel is their fitna their Islamophobia, their open hatred and hostility to Islam. But at the same time, every time they throw something at us, the wind blows it back in their face. So we can see what is happening right now is wakening up the Muslims even more. Remember, this is happening in the global media and the world can see the injustice. What it is doing is waking up the Muslims and non-Muslims and making them more aware of the condition between Islam, the peaceful way of life and the West constantly attacking the peace-loving Muslims. Press TV: What needs to be done now by the Muslim world in order to prevent such anti-Islam actions or anti-Islam movie from being produced in the future Imam Musa: You cannot stop the West from these anti-Islamic movies and basic fitna. What we can do is improve our communications, our satellite communication, our education processes and teach the world what Islam is, not what Islam is not. Let them continue, they’re going to continue… you cannot stop the anti-Iran hatred, the anti-Islamic hatred, the pro-Israeli fitna and the anti-Muslim dialogue; we cannot stop that, but what we can do is use our institutions etc in a better way. SC/JR