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Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:39AM
Ukrainian art exhibition is held in Tehran's Milad Tower.

Ukrainian art exhibition is held in Tehran's Milad Tower.

A number of Ukrainian artists have showcased their contemporary works of art in an exhibition held in the Iranian capital city of Tehran. Organized by Tehran’s Milad Tower and the Ukrainian Embassy in Iran, the exhibition was mounted at the tower to mark Ukraine's Independence Day. A number of diplomats from embassies of Armenia, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, and Belarus attended the opening ceremony of the art show held on September 6, 2012. The exhibited collection comprises 60 paintings created by the three prominent Ukrainian artists. The event was held in a bid to introduce the Ukrainian contemporary arts to the Iranians as well as to boost cultural exchanges of two countries. Iran's National Library and Archives Organization mounted a cultural exhibition in the capital city of Tehran last year to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence Day. Ukraine's Independence Day is considered the main state holiday in the country, which is celebrated annually on August 24. Tehran’s Milad Tower exhibition is scheduled to run until September 12, 2012. FGP/SS
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