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Sun Sep 9, 2012 5:48PM
a bull-spearing festival held in Tordesillas (file photo)

a bull-spearing festival held in Tordesillas (file photo)

Hundreds of animal rights activists have staged a demonstration in the Spanish city of Tordesillas to voice their opposition against a bull-spearing festival. Around 500 activists from different Spanish cities, including Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid, arrived in Tordesillas on Sunday. They participated in a protest organized by animal rights group PACMA against the festival in which hundreds of people chase a bull into a plain area and throw lances into it until the animal dies. The protesters, who were wearing white shirts, gathered near the city where the bulls are killed every year, shouting "Break a Spear." The festival, which is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, has been an old ritual in Spain and is normally held on every second Tuesday in September. "It is the cruelest tradition incurred upon an animal in our country. For this reason, Tordesillas has become a symbol of animal cruelty repudiation," PACMA said in a statement. Barcelona’s Catalonia region banned bull fighting last September, becoming the second region in the country to bar the fights after Canary Islands. SAB/JR
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