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One killed, another wounded in Quebec victory speech shooting
Police forces cordon off the scene following shooting by a gunman during the victory speech of Quebec
Police forces cordon off the scene following shooting by a gunman during the victory speech of Quebec's separatist Pauline Marois of the Parti Quebecois, in Montreal, September 4, 2012.
Wed Sep 5, 2012 7:30AM
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At least one person has been killed and another seriously injured in a shooting incident during the election victory speech of Quebec’s separatist Pauline Marois in Canada's Montreal.

The shooting took place on Tuesday when a gunman opened fire at the crowded concert hall in the provincial capital, Montreal, where the separatist Parti Quebecois (PQ) leader, who is projected to win the elections, was giving a speech.

The police quickly arrested the gunman, who was shouting “The English are waking up!” and later announced the death of one person.

Marois was rushed offstage by her bodyguards but later returned to the podium to rapidly conclude her speech.

Media projections suggest that PQ is well on its way to win the provincial elections in Canada’s Quebec, putting an end to nearly a decade of rule by Liberals.

The PQ will, according to the projections, win 58 of the 125 seats in the provincial legislature, just five short of the 63 required for a majority, but enough to form a minority government.

This is while the official results of the elections have not been announced yet.

Before the elections, Marois said that if her party won and was able to form a new Quebec government, she would call for a referendum on the separation of Quebec from Canada.

Shortly before the shooting, Marois said that the “future of Quebec is to be a sovereign country.”

Under the Liberals, who want Quebec to stay part of Canada, relations with the federal government in Ottawa have been relatively stable since 2003.

Marois has also pledged that she would roll back the government’s proposed tuition fee rises if her party won the elections.

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