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Sat Sep 1, 2012 10:7PM
Indonesian police personnel stand guard (file photo)

Indonesian police personnel stand guard (file photo)

Indonesian police have shot dead two 19-year-old suspected terrorists in an armed clash that also left one policeman dead in the city of Solo in central Java. “Two terror suspects were killed in Solo, central Java, on Friday night by the anti-terror police unit Detachment 88. One other was arrested,” Indonesian national police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar told reporters on Saturday. “They were armed and one of the police officers was also shot dead,” he added. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said the two suspects were resisting arrest when they were killed in a shootout outside a shop in Ngruki village. National Police Chief Timur Pradopo told reporters in Solo that the police had received a piece of information indicating that the teenagers were involved in the deadly shooting of a police officer on Thursday night and were planning more attacks. “The men were behind three shootings before Friday's and they are part of a new group that has links to older terror networks in the area,” Pradopo said. According to National Counterterrorism Agency chief Ansyaahd Mbai, the suspects were members of Jemaah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT), which was formed in 2008 by Abu Bakar Bashir. GJH/HGL
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