Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:16AM
Occupy protesters in the U-S state of California are risking arrest to stop the banks ‎from foreclosing on American families‏.‏‎ They’ve set up a tent city to protect a family ‎facing what they say is a fraudulent eviction‏.‏‎
Occupiers from Los Angeles are pitching tents again to demand an end to foreclosures. They have established an encampment at a home in the San Fernando Valley. They are there in support of the Hernandez family, who have lived in the neighborhood for about seven years. The family has been fighting for their home for years but received a 5-day eviction notice after failing to make the mortgage payments. Ulises Hernandez lives in the home with eight members of his family, including 4 children. Hernandez says that three years ago, the bank raised the mortgage payments by hundreds of dollars. He says all attempts to contact the bank failed. He says the Occupiers are the first people who have stood up for him and his family. The Hernandez family is the latest effort by Occupy LA to fight foreclosures. Occupiers have helped many families who were mislead by the banks and were left with nowhere to go. The Hernandez family credits the attention received from the Occupy encampment as the reason authorities haven’t evicted them yet. They say millions of families across the country aren’t so lucky as the banks are using fraudulent tactics with no oversight to stop them. The Los Angeles Police Department says they have no plans to remove the Occupiers from the property. Department officials say officers have been checking on the area but there have been no traffic issues or reports of trouble. Occupy groups say they plan to remain at this encampment for as long as it takes Bank of America to contact this family and fix their foreclosure situation.