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Mon Aug 27, 2012 2:18PM
Roman theater masks excavated in Turkey

Roman theater masks excavated in Turkey

Archeologists, during an ongoing excavation, have unearthed two ancient theater masks belonging to Roman period in southeastern Turkish province of Mardin. An archaeological team conducted by the Museum of Mardin in Ilisu Dam excavated the masks revealed to be made of bronze and iron. The experts suggest that the masks belong to a travelling theater group, which came to Mardin at the time of Roman Empire about 2300 years ago. "It is revealed that this historical artifact from Roman Empire have been brought to Mardin by the travelling theaters as there has been no theater here at that time. This travelling theater is presumed to come from west to east," said Mardin Culture and Tourism Director Davut Beliktay. Many other relics have been uncovered during the excavation, though they are less important than the masks as rare ancient treasure in Turkey, Beliktay added. The newly found artifacts have an historical importance to Mardin, as they confirm the city’s rich history, said the Director of Mardin Museum, Nihat Erdogan. The masks were immediately taken for restoration in a laboratory in the Museum of Mardin. When the restoration comes to end, they are programmed to be protected at the museum. FGP/SS
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