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Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:26PM
Iran’s film week was held in Lithuania

Iran’s film week was held in Lithuania

Iranian film week has kicked off in the Eastern European country of Lithuania in order to introduce the country’s cinematic arts to the world. The event as the first Iran’s cultural program in Lithuania was opened during a ceremony in the capital city of Vilnius. The program has been organized by Iran’s Embassy in Poland in collaboration with Iranian visual Media Institute and Lithuania’s Ministry of Culture. “Focusing on the spiritual aspects of life is the distinctive feature of Iranian cinema which distinguishes them from Western productions,” said the Director of Lithuania cinema center. Lost Truth, Agha Yousef, Birth of a Butterfly, Here Without Me are some of the movies that will be presented at the event. Panel discussions on the Iranian cinema are programmed to be held on the sidelines of the event. Iran has held many cultural weeks in different countries so far in a bid to introduce Persian culture as well as Iranian cinema to other nations. FGP/PKH
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