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Sat Aug 25, 2012 11:42AM
Iran's ‘Shekarestan’ wins top award of the 2012 animation contest in China.

Iran's ‘Shekarestan’ wins top award of the 2012 animation contest in China.

Internationally-lauded Iranian animation Shekarestan, directed by Babak Nazari has grabbed the first award at the 2012 edition of Asian Youth Animation and Comics Contest (AYACC) in China. According to Mehr News Agency, the animation received the Best Character Designing Award at this year’s AYACC held in Chinese city of Guiyang. Shekarestan’s success owes to the attempts of each member of the team, said the animation producer Seyyed-Massoud Safavi. Shekarestan tells a series of stories inspired by Persian proverbs, anecdotes and stories. The animation, as the representative of the Iranian culture and art, has shown itself well in domestic and International festivals. Nazari, who has directed 90 episodes of Shekarestan, has won numerous national and international awards including the best animation award of the 27th Tehran International Short Film Festival. The animation has also been screened at the 7th Bangalore Children's Film Festival and the 2011 Changzhou International Animation and Digital Arts Festival (CICDAF) in China. Iran’s Mahmoud Azadnia also won the first prize of the AYACC’s Cartoon Section and Alireza Pakdel received the first prize of the Caricature Section. Zlatkovsky Mikhail (Russia), Rolf Heimann (Australia), Pengfei Xu (China), Qiongde Cao (China), Dachuan Xia (China), Antonius Toni Masdiono (Indonesia), Terry Mosher (Canada) and Chen Liqing (China) judged this year’s cartoons and illustrations. Various forums and lectures were also presented on topics such as production of animation and comics and the trend of development in these fields. The AYACC 2012 was held on the theme of ‘Green Cartoon, Creative Future’ from August 17 to 19, presenting animations, comics and illustrations from over 70 countries. FGP/SS
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