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Sat Aug 18, 2012 8:47AM
US President Barack Obama (L) and former US President George W. Bush (R)

US President Barack Obama (L) and former US President George W. Bush (R)

American authorities have always given the green light to Israel to commit crimes that are in blatant violation of international law and UN resolutions, a prominent analyst says. “Israel has been given a perpetual green light from Washington, whether the president’s name is George W. Bush or Barak Obama or whether on future point it is Mitt Romney,” Jeff Steinberg with the Executive Intelligence Review told Press TV in an exclusive interview on Friday. Every American presidential candidate or president has said that al-Quds (Jerusalem) should be the capital of Israel in order to gain support from American Zionist voters and from a very large American community living inside Israel, he said. “The US basically gives the Israelis a free hand when it comes to the Palestinian issue, and this is one of the great scandals and violations of the traditions and principals of the US as a constitutional republic,” Steinberg added. He touched upon the media blackout in the United States regarding the Israeli criminal actions against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, saying the US media have been increasingly consolidated into the hands of a few large media conglomerate corporations. “Here is very little sympathy in the American media, there is much more widespread sympathy building increasingly in the American population and even I must say among our military and security institutions. There is now a growing debate over whether or not Israel has become a very big strategic liability to the United States, on the question of the legitimate rights of Palestinians, the right to Jerusalem, the right to the West Bank in Gaza,” Steinberg went on to say. “So what we are dealing with, is a renegade regime inside Israel that enjoys the backing of a segment of the American political class and through groups like AIPAC, generally controls the Israeli policies of all US presidents and the congress and both parties,” he concluded. AO/MA
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