Fri Aug 17, 2012 10:1PM
In London too, demonstrators marched in defense of the Palestinian people. They ‎started their protest outside the BBC – protesters excuse the station of pro-Israeli bias. ‎They then marched through the city of London to highlight the cause to the British ‎Public. ‎
International Al-Quds day was also marked in London on Friday. And despite it being a week day well over a thousand people turned out to support the Palestinians. May Gillard/Lary Gillar/Guy Eyre Protesters marched from outside the BBC offices to the United States embassy. Going down some of the busiest roads in central London including Oxford Street and Regents Street. Along the route they handed out flyers to the general public explaining why they were marching. Also in attendance where Muslim scholars, Christian priests and Jewish rabbis, united and supporting the cause. There was a heavy police presence as last year the far right group, the English Defence league, the EDL, had tried to disrupt the protest. This year the EDL managed to muster up 7 protesters on the other side of the U-S embassy. The International Al-Quds day protests are important as a global show of support to the Palestinian cause and that of oppressed people around the world. And nationally each protest is important too. In London it is an opportunity to highlight and sometimes introduce the Palestinian cause for the first time to the general public in the heart of the city.