Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:20AM
The Syrian opposition body; the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change, has called on all sides in Syria to stop the violence. It proposed an initiative that, if agreed upon, would lead to dialogue between the government and the opposition.
A new initiative for solving the unrest in Syria was presented, only this time by an opposition body. The National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change headed by Hassan Abdulazim held a press conference introducing its initiative that calls for a truce between the government and foreign backed armed groups and a release of prisoners and detainees by both sides. The initiative asks both sides to allow relief establishments such as the Red Cross and Red Crescent to deliver medical aid and food stuff to the needy people. Experts questioned that the committee is capable of convincing the so-called Free Syrian Army and other armed groups to commit to such an initiative and stop violence. Nevertheless, the opposition body rejected any form of military intervention and said dialogue among all Syrians is the only solution for the unrest. The coordination committee also suggested that the UNSMIS supervises the implementation of their proposed initiative if agreed by all sides. The Opposition national coordination committee's initiative aims at setting a suitable atmosphere for starting a political process with dialogue between the opposition and the government as a basic element of this process.