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Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:0AM
Hmilton Coalition to stop the war's Ken Stone.

Hmilton Coalition to stop the war's Ken Stone.

I think NATO is waiting for the proper moment. My experience of over 40 years in the Anti-war movement has been that they have time tables, they have schedules, and they like to create pretexts by which to sell their next war."
A political analyst says NATO is silent over the situation in Syria because it awaits the opportunity and the perfect pretext to enter the Arab nation. Press TV has conducted an interview with the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War’s Ken Stone to further discuss the situation in Syria. The following is the transcription of the interview. Press TV Turkey has just accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of arming the Kurdish militant group, the PKK that has fought the Turks for decades. If true, how many more reasons do you think Turkey is going to need before actually entering Syria? Because we know that the downing of that Turkish jet by Syria is one of the incidents that has provoked Turkey in a sense and it seems this is another one in a series of events now. Stone Well, I’ll take my cue from the previous speakers and I agree that Turkey is the most-likely entry to a regional war. I think Turkey, as a member of NATO will probably try to act as the cat’s paw for NATO by making some kind of incursion at some point into Syria. I think that’s the real danger. I don’t know when this will take place, or what more excuses or pretexts Turkey might need. I think now that Aleppo has been re-secured by the government of Syria, they will be re-evaluating their time table, that is to say the so-called Friends of Syria, will be re-evaluating their time tables, their schedules and the means by which they attempt to carry out this illegal and inhumane attack and spread terrorism within the sovereign country of Syria. Press TV Why do you think NATO has been so quiet? Stone I think NATO is waiting for the proper moment. My experience of over 40 years in the Anti-war movement has been that they have time tables, they have schedules, and they like to create pretexts by which to sell their next war. They need something they can project as a humanitarian intervention. For example in Libya, the so-called Viagra for rape scheme that they sold or in Iraq, when the so-called Kuwaiti incubator babies scam and the so-called protection of the Kosovars in the former Yugoslavia. I think NATO is waiting in the wings, for the right moment, the right pretext and the right excuse, and the right humanitarian justification, which is basically a smoke screen behind which they carry on their old strategies, these old colonial powers like Britain, France, Italy, and the United States. They want to re-colonize the Middle East and Central Asia. Press TV I think between point A and B, there has got to be, on the scenario, that Assad does have to leave power. Aren’t the Americans and their allies worried about these supplies, such as there has been in Turkey arming the militants with stinger missiles that that could be used against them? Are they ready for that type of scenario to unfold because that is one of the consequences isn’t it? Stone I think the strategy being followed by the so-called Friends of Syria is a reckless strategy and of course, on the one hand they are talking about the human rights of the people of Syria. On the other hand, they are taking away from the people of Syria the right of the nation’s self determination. What I liked about the Iranian Foreign Minister [Ali Akbar Salehi] said that only the Syrian people have the right to determine their own future, nobody else. They have the right to self determination. These countries who are in the Friends of Syria, including unfortunately Canada, are trying to rig the end of the game. They are trying to make it so that the only possible outcome is regime change. But I don’t think that that is the only possible outcome. There are other possible outcomes. For example, I applaud your minister for having the Tehran summit you’re talking about where 30 countries will come and try to continue the UN initiative under Kofi Annan to find a peaceful solution through dialogue, not through war. That’s another possible solution and I applaud the minister of Iran for doing that. Press TV One of the things we have not discussed is Israel. How much of a role do you see Israel playing? Our guest there talked about Susan Rice and perhaps some other politicians. There’s a province in Turkey said to be running them up with Mossad trainers, not to mention the CIA running around there training these militants. But how much is Israel behind the scenes here in terms of causing what’s happening on the ground in Syria? Stone Israel was only behind the scenes until yesterday. Today, or last night, according to Press TV, the intelligence minister of Israel, announced that Israel is totally in favor of regime change in Syria. And of course it would be because what advantage would there be for Israel literally? It would eliminate an ally of Iran, it might remove the Russian military base from Tartus. A change in regime in Syria would mean that the regime would no longer support the Hezbollah in Lebanon. A change in regime in Syria might mean that a new government might let Israel stay permanently and annex the Golan Heights. So, another regime in Syria might also mean no support for Palestinian resistance. So Israel has everything to gain from an intervention in Syria and a regime change there. Its interests are tied identically to those of the United States and the so-called Friends of Syria. I mentioned it was a reckless thing what the Turks are doing because the [Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip] Erdogan has the Illusions of Grandeur, but I think that we’ve seen from wars in the 20th century that something that can start quite small can blow up into a regional war and even a world war. It’s reckless what they’re doing. But I wanted to say one more thing, and that is not only what is happening in Tehran is a good thing and those countries that have appeared there should be applauded, but the people in those countries that are there for example Canada, not represented in Tehran. Canada is a member of the Friends of Syria. People in Canada and other countries who are not going to be in Tehran, they should be doing things. They should kick up a fuss. They should hold their governments to account. They should be sending letters to their members of parliament. They should be holding demonstrations and marches. This is the time to do it. SZH/GHN
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