Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:22AM
The foreign backed militant group calling itself the Free Syrian Army has invited foreigners from many different nationalities to come to Syria. The Syrian army has arrested and killed some of these foreign fighters.
Foreign armed men are fighting the Syrian army in Syria and they are infiltrated from Lebanon, Jordan but mostly Turkey. British photojournalist John Kintela confirmed that during his stay in Syria two weeks ago he saw a lot of foreigners fighting alongside the armed terrorist groups in the north of the country. The Syrian army arrested earlier this week two Jordanian militants who came to Syria to topple President Assad, some of them fought in Iraq as well. They were trained in Jordan by a group that is affiliated with Al-Qaeeda . Mostly these insurgents are of Jordanian, Turkish, Iraqi, Libyan, and Tunisian origin. The confession of some of the arrested foreign armed men shows the cooperation between such groups and members of the Jordanian army, especially those at the Jordanian borders to facilitate their illegal entrance to Syria along with their weapons and ammunition which they deliver to armed gangs in Syria. Many of Al-Qaeda affiliated groups appeared in Syria when the unrest started. Up to now they have claimed responsibility for many terrorist attacks in Damascus and other major cities in Syria. It is not new for Al-Qaeeda-affiliated groups to send militants to the countries of clashes. Reportedly, these militants are trained in Saudi Arabia and Turkey's border areas to fight in Syria.Hooman