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Britain is spending £456.2million on more than 11,000 foreign prisoners every year, who make up an 8th of all inmates in UK prisons, statistics from the Ministry of Justice have revealed. Official statistics show that of 87,531 lags behind bars in March, 11, 127 were foreigners. But the figure is probably higher as another 1,929 are classified as “nationality not recorded” - so some may be from other nations. It costs £41,000 a year to keep a prisoner, according to the Ministry of Justice estimates, which means a bill for foreigners of at least £456.2million. Jamaica tops the list with 902 inmates in UK jails, followed by Poland with 780 and Ireland on 732. The figures were uncovered by Tory MP Priti Patel through Parliamentary questions. “Prison is always the best place for dangerous criminals, but our jails should not be used as hotels for foreigners”, the MP said. “Ministers need to take action to deport them to serve their sentences in the countries they come from and then stop them from coming back to Britain”, Patel added. “Living in Britain is a privilege and foreigners who come here and flout our laws should be sent packing without delay”, the Tory MP said. It was revealed last month that the UK authorities have freed 3,900 foreign criminals from jail to live in the UK instead of being deported. MOL/JR/HE