Tue Aug 7, 2012 5:7PM
Iranian writer and stage director Azadeh Shahmiri is slated to serve on the jury of the Zurich Theater Spectacle festival in the Swiss capital. The 30-year-old Shahmiri will join Omar Abu Saada (Syria), Max-Philipp Aschenbrenner (Switzerland), Mona De Weerdt (Switzerland) and Nunu Kong (China). The Iranian art critic and journalist has written and staged numerous plays such as The Distance between the Stars, Murder at the Writing Room. She has also written and translated several books. The Zurich Theater Spectacle is an annual international theater and performing arts festival, hosting more than 20 performing arts groups and artists from around the world every year. The event was launched as a small annual international meeting of independent theater groups, before emerging as a much larger cultural event in Switzerland. The festival is held at five venues the largest of which is the Landiwiese by Lake Zurich and features numerous open-air shows. The 2012 edition of Zurich Theatre Spectacle will be held from August 16 to September 2. TE/TE