Sun Aug 5, 2012 6:21PM
Tehran’s Shokouh Art Gallery has mounted an exhibition of paintings on Imam Ali (PBUH), the first Shia’s Imam, on the occasion of Muslim’s holy month of Ramadan. About 32 rare paintings featuring the portraits of the Shia’s Imam, which were created in different periods, were presented at the exhibition. Most works were borrowed from the Museum of Oriental History and Civilization. A number of them belonged to 100 years ago. The gallery also showcased 12 paintings of several contemporary artists including Hojjat Shakiba, Enayatollah Nazari and Behnoush Foroutan. Several paintings of Imam Ali (PBUH) date back to Qajar era but were later completed by the founders of teahouse painting such as Hossein Qollar-Aqasi and Mohammad Modabber, Nazari explained. Some works illustrating Ramadan’s holy Nights of Power ( Shabhay- e Ghadr) were among the exhibited paintings. The Night of Power or Decrees is an extremely important night for Muslims as it is when the Holy Quran was revealed from God to Prophet Muhammad and when the angels and the holy spirits descend therein, by God’s permission, to carry out every command. The exhibition is slated to run until the end of Muslim’s fasting month of Ramadan. FGP/PKH