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Experts have found that people living under conditions of low or no employment in Britain are at greater risk of facing an early death due to its vital relation to health conditions. Researchers for Durham University discovered that residents living in areas of long-term low employment are more likely to suffer from illnesses such as asthma, arthritis, back problems or even experience heart attacks. "Employment rates affect local conditions that are important for the health of everyone in an area not only workers who may be in or out of work. Investment in secure employment and healthy working conditions is likely to reduce costs to society in terms of health and social care provision and welfare benefit payments,” said the survey's co-author Professor Sarah Curtis. Over 200,000 people were involved in the survey, which took into account various factors including age, sex and mobility. During the tough economic situation in the UK, the survey revealed the extent of health problems and the challenges British communities are currently facing. "In our study we are sounding a note of caution about growing inequalities between areas of the country,” Curtis further said. BGH/SSM/HE