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Since the Tory-led government took office, there has been a particularly high rate in suicides and deaths in Britain, which are connected to policies of cutting benefits to disabled and unemployed Britons. On Friday August 3, a report for Health and Social Affairs said families and friends of lost ones have set up the Calum’s List website in order to record the toll of deaths and suicides, caused by the Uk government's attack on disability and jobless benefits. The website has managed to publish 23 deaths in detail, but the real death toll is expected to margin within the thousands. More than 1,000 disabled people have been said to have died between January and August in 2011 after being ordered to find jobs. Calum’s List stated that a 21-year-old woman on jobseeker’s allowance, who was unsuccessful despite filling in 200 job applications, killed herself due to the loss of hope. Moreover, Paul Reekie, a poet and another victim of the cuts, killed himself last month. The letters found on his desk included a form telling him that his housing and disability benefit payments were about to stop. "This is a nightmare driven by successive welfare ministers of all political parties who draw personal salaries of £3,500 per week when cripples like us are expected to survive on £3,500 a year, if we are lucky.," said a spokesman for the website. BGH/SSM/HE